Weighted Training Shorts

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Weighted Shorts Sizing

  • Comes with 10 lbs adjustable weights
  • Can load up to 18 lbs

Made of Lycra and Neoprene, the Weighted Shorts provide a skintight fit that eliminates chafing and pain. Individual inner pockets contain powder coated, lead weights to help develop specific muscle groups. Use will enhance and increase speed, quickness, and strength. Detachable lower sections make shorts versatile for a range of sports and training regimens.

  • Increase speed and quickness
  • Helps develop explosive power
  • Strengthens Hip Flexors , Knee Joints, & Quads
  • Helps burn more calories
  • Helps builds endurance by strengthening your lower body.

How Weighted Shorts Work

Your body is acclimated to your weight, and burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. As you add more weight to your body, more muscles are recruited to support the function of moving the added weight. Consequently, more calories are burned to support the increased muscle action. A properly weighted vest can intensify any activity or exercise. By increasing your metabolic rate and causing you to burn more calories in the same amount of time as your usual workout, the Strength Weight Shorts can double your results, making any workout much more effective.

Benefits of Weighted Shorts

Weight resistance can be adjusted in half-pound increments to easily incorporate this basketball training equipment into speed progressions, plyometric progressions, agility drills, cardiovascular conditioning, and body weight exercises. Vest and shorts can be used with swimmers aquatic workouts.

Order your weighted shorts today and take your game to another level.

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