V-Bands Wrist Weights (1 lbs)

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  • V-Bands Basketball wrist weights.
  • Dribble the basketball faster with V-Bands.
  • Pass the basketball faster and harder with V-Bands.
  • V-Bands are sold in pairs.  1lb, 2lb, & 3lb sets are available.
  • V-Bands Wrist Weights (1 lbs)
  • Basketball Dribbling Wrist Weights
  • V-Bands worn on the wrist.
  • V-Bands wrist weights are great football.
  • V-Bands can be worn on the ankles to develop more speed and quickness.
  • Get a more powerful serve in volleyball with the V-Bands.
  • Develop a stronger punch with V-Bands.
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  • Increases Hand Speed
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Available in 1 lbs
  • Patented Curve Design
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Velocity Bands are the "NEW EDGE" for functional Sports training.  While they were first invented for basketball training,  the inventor questioned whether the gains he was getting with his basketball clients (Hand Speed), would transfer to other sports.  He was elated to find out that every sport he piloted in conjunction (Volleyball, baseball, softball, football, soccer, hockey, MMA, golf,) had coaches excited about this "NEW EDGE".  It seems like a simple concept, however, very few people realize how important hand speed improvement is vital to just about every sport. This is the basketball training equipment you need to improve your game and reach your goals!

The V Bands come in:

  • 1 lb. (1/2 lb each wrist) = Elementary age kids
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