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    Mike Anderson: Attack Drills for Uptempo Basketball Drills

    Uptempo basketbal Drills and Arkansas go together and have even prior to head coach Mike Anderson’s tenure. In this video, Anderson offers an inside look into how to identify trapping opportunities in the half court in an attempt to speed up the game. Coach Anderson also shares a number of great uptempo basketball drills that will help your team excel in playing half-court defense.

    Anderson played and coached for Nolan Richardson of “40 Minutes of Hell” fame and has become a savant himself in up-tempo basketball. Coach Anderson’s video presents some fantastic breakdown uptempo basketball drills with teaching points to assist players in becoming better defenders in the half court.

    74 Minutes of Uptempo Basketball Drills

    In this 74-minute video, Coach Anderson takes you through a full practice from beginning to end. The session begins with a warm up, which Anderson believes is crucial. The first 40 minutes goes by as Anderson’s players are put through five different grueling conditioning drills. The drills are not just for conditioning as they help players build the foundation for playing solid defense. You are also introduced to two unique drills where Anderson uses a medicine ball in one and a water ball in another. The purpose of each drill is to improve mental focus as players work on passing and catching the basketball.

    Coach Anderson takes the time to outline how he teaches denial defense as well as the transition to help defense. The practice session ends with a half court 4-on-4 shell drill. You will see how Anderson continually pushes players to apply constant pressure on opponents throughout the drill. Anderson’s half court drills teach players to communicate and to remain in good position to maximize the stress on the opponent.

    Whether you play full-court, up-tempo basketball for an entire game or you are just looking for a way to create more pressure on defense, Anderson’s video is for you. You will learn several ways to create pressure while simply playing half-court defense from one of the masters. Rent this uptempo basketball drills DVD today.

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