SWARM Defense

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Wayne Walter's college team 35 forced turnovers on average a game for 4 years running the SWARM!


Key Features of the SWARM Defense series:
  • Wayne diagrams and explains all of the rotations and techniques on the whiteboard.
  • On court demonstration follows the whiteboard sessions.
  • The Swarm Breakdown feature uses ESPN style graphics to breakdown the SWARM.
  • Filmed in High Definition and using Professional Production, the Swarm Defense DVDs are of the highest quality.

Wayne Walters

SWARM Drills Level 2

$39.99 $24.99

        SWARM Defense Level 2 provides you with drills necessary to learn Level 2 SWARM.   Chapters include:   Overview Mass Teach Charge Force Drills Z Slides Pirate Drill Wing Close Out Mirror Drill Wing Sprint Drill Front...

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