Half Court Man Defense

Half Court Man to Man Defense Videos along with Basketball Half Court Trap Defenses.

Mike Heideman

Pack Defensive System


This defensive system, developed by Dick Bennett has made some of the toughest defensive teams in the country. The system is predicated on keeping the ball out of the middle via the pass or dribble. Constant ball pressure is applied and each off-the-ball...

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Kevin O'Neill

"K.O." Defense


  WOW! If you're looking to super-charge your defense, get this DVD! Coach Kevin O'Neill is known as one of the game's great defensive minds and this is a remarkable clinic of man to man defense ideas that will excite and motivate any coach to make...

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Eric Behrens

33 Half Court Trap


Eric Behrens has lead Omaha Central to three Nebraska state championships. The 1-3-1 half-court trap has been part of his arsenal for each of those championships. Behrens opens the DVD with the four keys for a successful trapping defense and defines the...

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Mike Krzyzewski

Team Defense

$29.99 $22.99

Duke is known for its tough team defense, and four Blue Devils have been chosen Defensive Player of the Year during Coach K's tenure. Team Defense shows how you can transform five individual players into a single, basket-denying unit. From the trademark...

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