Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment


Our basketball rebounding training equipment will help your team get more rebounds by developing stronger hands that crush the ball on the rebound.  These products would be our hand grip strengtheners as well as our weighted basketball.

The Rip-N-Grip Hand Strengtheners will help players get more rebounds by being able to squeeze the ball harder and hold on to it better without the ball getting knocked out of their hands.  They are easy to take anywhere and use anytime - even watching TV or while players are out on the sidelines in practice coaches can have them pick up the Rip-N-Grips and get some reps in.

Our weighted basketball might be the best basketball rebounding training equipment because it can be used in actual rebounding drills.  Just use our weighted basketball in any of your rebound drills during practice and the players will have to grab onto the ball with more force than they would a normal basketball.   They will also have to squeeze it harder so that it doesn't get knocked out of their hands.  This will build forearm and hand strength that when your players go back to the regular basketball they will feel like they can crush it and will become more agressive rebounders.

Other Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment

The Toughness Training Basketball pad is a great tool for rebounding drills.  Coaches can wear the pad on one arm and catch, bounce, or shoot the basketball with the other during rebouding drills.  The Toughness pad is great to use when players land after rebounding so that they have a wide base, are on balance, and are protecting the basketball.  Have two coaches?  Get two Toughenss training pads so players on both sides are getting pushed around while rebounding.

Resistance bands can be used by players doing more individual training to provide resistance on the jump when they go up to rebound.  This will increase their vertical leap which will make them want to get even more rebounds because they will want to out jump other players.

Order our Basketball Rebounding Training Equipment today and help your team improve their rebounding skills.

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