Basketball is a game where you use your feet to get into position to use your hands. If you can’t use your feet effectively it won’t matter how good your hands are. Improving your footwork is key to being successful at basketball.

What sort of basketball footwork training should you do? Jumping rope and ladder drills are two of the most often done exercises. Using cones to improve your footwork is a staple of basketball training as well. You can set the cones up to do any type of drill.

Using cones in your shooting drills can help you to learn the proper footwork stepping 1-2 when shooting off the catch. You should always step with your inside foot when catching the ball. You can practice coming off screens and pivoting on your inside foot to simulate shooing the basketball in a game.

Jumping rope can help you improve your footwork on offense and defense. It’s a great way to warmup before practice and improve your footwork at the same time.

Our Footwork Training Steps are great for letting players visualize the steps needs to perform a certain action. For example, teaching a child how to shoot a layup. Placing the steps down on the court for players to see and step on will help them progress more quickly and give them more confidence which will make them want to learn more.

We also carry many footwork videos and DVDs on our site. Pivotology is a footwork DVD for post players. Jason Otter’s Developing Speed and Footwork with a Jump Rope video is for players at all levels.

There are many moves you will need great footwork for. Have you tried the Euro Step? It’s a tougher move when attacking the basket to side step a defender. Defensive footwork typically includes slides, back pedals, sprinting, and big steps.