(Rental)-The Attacking 3 Out & 4 Out Motion Offense

  • (Rental)-The Attacking 3 Out & 4 Out Motion Offense
  • The Attacking 3 Out & 4 Out Motion Offense by John Giannini Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Attacking 3-Out & 4 Out Motion Offense

    Former LaSalle University head coach John Giannini is well-known for his ability to build programs. He won an NCAA Division III national title at Rowan University and took LaSalle to the Sweet 16 in 2013. His three-guard and four-guard offenses were the key to his teams becoming high-powered scoring machines.

    3 Guard Offense

    In this video, Coach Giannini teaches his system. He starts on the whiteboard where he diagrams the three-guard offense. You get a detailed look at a system that Giannini developed while studying other teams. He goes through every scoring possibility in the offense, which is based upon great spacing in the half-court.

    Live Situations

    The presentation then moves to the court where he provides demonstrations so you can see how the offense works in a live situation. Coach Giannini shares three simple plays: Magic, Clear, and Fist. Included are a number of options that you can implement into the half-court offense. You will see flat screens, side ball screens, flip screens and re-screen action all with the goal of teaching you the ins and outs of this guard-oriented offense.

    Giannini's Favorite Set Plays for 3-Out & 4 out Motion Offense

    Coach Giannini also shares a favorite set play – Double Low. The play is used against a defense that has shut down your three-guard action. He combines a version of the dribble drive offense with his three-guard offense to create scoring chances off the dribble.

    At the end of the presentation, Coach Giannini breaks out game film to show you how the system works in a live game situation. This is an outstanding video for coaches looking for ways to add a modified version of the dribble drive offense to their own offensive system. Rent this 3 & 4 out motion offense

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