Tempo Control & Delay Sets

  • How to Control Tempo in Basketball.
  • Tempo Control & Delay Sets
  • Delay Game offense for basketball
  • Tempo Control & Delay Sets
  • Tempo Control & Delay Sets
  • Tempo Control & Delay Sets
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Every coach and team needs great ways to use the clock and shorten the game- and this is the only DVD on the market that tells you how! Whether you play in a region that has a shot clock or you play without one, controlling the tempo and managing the clock is a critical element of every game. This DVD details 12 different sets that can be used to control tempo, spread the floor, and score critical baskets at crucial times. It doesn't matter whether you have great guard play or poor ball handlers, too many big men, or too few guards- there's a set that will work for any team at any level. End of quarter, end of half, or end of game.

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