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    High Energy Skill Development Drills for Basketball Practice Drills to Improve Individual Play

    University of Texas head coach Shaka Smart brings tremendous energy to the Longhorns program just as he did at Virginia Commonwealth. He took VCU to the 2011 Final Four and had six straight seasons of 25-plus wins. In this video, Smart shares how you can build players’ individual skills in a team setting. You will see a number of drills for both guards and post players. With an emphasis on energy and enthusiasm, Coach Smart will teach you drills that can improve long-range shooting as well as the ability to finish around the basket.

    Skill Development Drills for Bigs

    Coach Smart begins with skill development drills for basketball with the post players. There are certain fundamental skills that a post player must have to be successful. Smart addresses those here while also emphasizing energy. Coach Smart also emphasizes post players having fewer moves as opposed to several. He would rather they learn to get really good at just a few moves as compared to mediocre at many.

    Some of the skill development drills for basketball you will see in this segment include:

    • Rodman Taps: A great drill for getting back up quickly, it works the weak hand around the rim
    • Form Hooks: A simple skill drill with great instruction on footwork
    • Shaq Series: A number of post moves are presented as well as the mentality of Shaq working the post. Players learn to play with strength and aggression
    • Multiple Effort Drill: This is the quintessential post drill and gets your players to play at full effort

    Skill Development Drills for Guards

    In the next segment, Smart addresses the guards. These are some of the drills you will see:

    • Pinball Screening: A high-energy drill for both offense and defense. Players learn to use screens to get open and defenders learn to fight through and defend screens
    • LeBron Combos: Used by LeBron James early in his career, this drill features a series of moves and shots. Smart creates the moves and players must execute them.
    • 3-Minute Shooting: Works on shooting when fatigued, players have three minutes to complete
    • 2-on-1 Drill: Players battle the difficult situation, which requires total effort

    Another awesome drill that shows the philosophy of Smart if the Ironman Drill. In it, a defender must take a charge, hustle to get a loose ball, and then scramble to save a ball from going out of bounds. It’s just another of many great drills you see in this 74-minute video. Learn how to get your players to challenge and push themselves to up their game! Rent this skill development drills for basketball DVD today.

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