Skill Building Drills for the Dribble Motion

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Eric Behrens has won three state championships at Omaha Central High School employing the dribble motion offense. In this DVD Behrens shares 11 skill development drills that can be done to build the skills needed to be successful in the dribble motion offense. The drills emphasize footwork, finishing moves, attacking the rim, shooting, and more. The drills can be done as part of an in-season practice plan or as summer workouts. They include commando, daily dozen, attack series, loop series, closeout shooting, three-man shooting, post lob series, post up series, post quick ups, Louisville 42, and one-on-one with a passer. Behrens emphasizes playing lower than your defender, using a variety of finishing moves, and having patience in the paint. Running Time: 46 Minutes. 2009.
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