Simplified Run & Jump Press

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Learn the Run and Jump Press - Forrest Larson's System

Coach Forrest Larson teaches the run and jump press with 10 drills that make the defense easy to teach. The basis of the run and jump is trapping the ball down the sideline and jump-switching in the middle. Coach Larson emphasizes the teamwork involved in executing this man-to-man press. The defense is taught with drill work for the different methods of defending and attacking the inbounds pass to the techniques, strategies, and rules used to defend the ball all the way down the floor. The defense will force your opponent to play at an uncomfortable tempo Order the Simplified Run and Jump Press and use this unpredictable defense to dominate.

Why Run the Simplified Run and Jump Press Full Court Defense?

The Run and Jump Press is an unpredictable full court press that is probably the hardest press for a team to plan to break.  Why is that?  Because the traps can happen all over the court and come when the ball handler turns their back to the defense.  Unlike other agressive full court presses that trap when the offensive player still as their dribble - the Run and Jump will attack while the ball is being dribbled. 

For example, if the ball handler dribbles towards the sideline a defender will typically come from where the ball handler can't see them coming from. The surprise trap is one of the best features of the Run and Jump Press because the offensive team doesn't know when or where the trap is coming from.  

Another example of the Run and Jump press would be the dribbler going hard to the middle of the court so they don't get trapped on the sideline.  Here a defender in help position will leave his man (Run) and stop the dribbler and the initial defender witll switch (Jump) and take his man.

The Run and Jump Press is a full court man to man press that will build off your half court man to man defense.  Unleash the Run and Jump Press on your opponents this season!

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