Same Foot Same Hand Step Back Jumper by Kyrie Irving ft. Trey Slate

So many times there is little to none space to do just about anything with the ball, and many of these situations occur at the times when the shot clock is ticking. We are going to analyze one of the solutions that we saw Uncle Drue do. Let us say it again, these moves are done by some of the best ballers in the world and they are a thing of art. Do not teach your players these kinds of moves if they haven't done the basics. The coach that will help us with the breakdown today is nonother than Trey Slate, a skill development coach that is currently working with Avery Bradley and Buddie Hield.

Tight Defense

Here we can see the situation in which defense is close to Kyrie, and if we take a look on to other players, both sides are ready to double him up if he tries to penetrate either way.

One dribble stop

The move that he chose is a direct step dribble to the right, and because the defense has played its role and stayed on to him, he had to stop which he did. He made a stop in a stance where his right foot was in front and with the ball in his right hand. We can see that the defender is close but not in a good posture.

Same hand same foot between the legs step back jumper

Now, this is the important part. While the right leg is in front, Kyrie is making a between the legs dribble, reverse version with the same arm same leg, while the defender can not stop fast because his stance was not god. Kyrie is then taking the extra step back while making a separation off of the defender. The first step was with his left leg.

Let us see the video:

If you want to learn more about the advanced jump shot techniques, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below:

Dec 07, 2018 Coach Viktor

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