Rip Quick Stick


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  • Basketball Rip Quick Stick for learning to play low and sweep the ball below the knees
  • Drive to the basket quicker faster
  • how to get low in basketball
  • protect the basketball from defense
  • beat defense to the basket basketball
  • Rip Quick Stick
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You'll Score More Points When Attacking The Basket

  • Have a quicker first step.
  • Learn to get low with the basketball.

You'll Reduce Your Turnovers

  • Avoid the defense knocking the basketball away from you.
  • Sweep the basketball below your knees.

Players And Coaches Know If They Are Getting Low Enough

  • Get immediate feedback.
  • Sound of the ball on spindles.

Players Will Develop Muscle Memory And A Feel Of How Low They Need To Get To Maximize Their Attack On Offense

  • Consistently learn what "low" is.
  • Gives players a target for getting low.

You Are Instantly Quicker Without Doing Any Extra Drills

  • Cover more ground.
  • Gets players lower.
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Instantly Get Quicker without Doing Speed & Agility Moving More Efficiently

The Rip Quick Stick is the Constant Reminder for Players to Get Low

basketball training equipment triple threat

Before you spend a lot of time doing Speed & Agility workouts, make sure you are moving your body efficiently. Learning to move your body more efficiently is an instant way to become a quicker player either off the dribble or catch.

  • Ripping the Ball low keeps it away from the defense and puts you on the attack.
  • Sweeping the Ball on the Spindles provides an auditory reference that you are low enough
basketball training aid triple threat sweep stick

Get Players Lower without Constant Reminders

Let's be real...most players won't get low because it takes more effort. So how do you convince players to give more effort? With the Rip Quick Stick they can see the instant results from getting low and giving that extra effort.

All you have to do is use the Rip Quick Stick and show them how much further they can step by getting low which puts them by the defense that much quicker.

Now you could show them without the Rip Quick Stick but how do you get them consistently low rep after rep? That's where the Rip Quick Stick is invaluable because players will complete rep after rep correctly and make getting that low a new habit.

Reduce Turnovers by Being in Attack Position

Too many Youth through High School players aren't aggressive enough when catching the ball and the defense puts those players on their heels and immediately eliminate them as a scoring threat.

Training with the Rip Quick Stick puts players in a natural attack position on offense - Triple Threat. Use the Rip Quick Stick to work on multiple pivots and sweeps with the ball to get players to play with poise and use their feet to move the defense to create passing and driving lanes.

Add the Rip Quick Stick to your training arsenal and watch players get lower and:

  • Get by Defenders easier
  • Get more Fouls on Drives
  • Commit less Turnovers
  • Create Passing & Driving Lanes
  • Increase confidence with the ball

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