(Rental)-Rick Majerus Drills & Ideas for the Off Season

  • (Rental)-Rick Majerus Drills & Ideas for the Off Season
  • Rick Majerus Drills & Ideas for the Off Season by Rick Majerus Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Rick Majerus: Off Season Drills and Ideas 

    College basketball Hall of Fame inductee Rick Majerus shares his insights about various facets of the game in this video. Majerus won over 500 games in his career and finished with the fourth-best winning percentage (.741) among Division I coaches. His teams made 12 NCAA tournament appearances, including Utah’s trip to the national championship game in 1998.

    In this video, Coach Majerus offers up some of his best drills to help players become better scorers and better defenders. For Majerus, it’s not really about the drill itself but how coaches teach within the drill. This is why Majerus was one of the all-time great coaches.

    Defense - Off Season Drills

    Coach Majerus likes to emphasize a demanding style of defense in the summer that forces players to refine their techniques while at the same time develop a tough mindset. The idea is to force defensive play that is more challenging than players will see during the regular season.

    Majerus teaches players to play aggressive denial defense, contest shots without fouling, on-ball pressure, and how to maintain an impeccable stance and court vision. He also teaches a variety of defensive techniques – denying flashes from the help side, closing out on the ball, and fronting post players – in a number of drills.

    Skill Development - Off Season Drills

    Coach Majerus demonstrates five drills that can be used to improve skills like ball handling and scoring ability. The 12 Shots Drill was used regularly by Reggie Miller, one of the best shooters to play the game. The drill teaches players how to get open and challenges them to work on their shot preparation.

    The Hesitation Layup Drill helps players develop a change of speed when handling the ball. Coach Majerus discusses how to improve the back dribble in an effort to create separation, avoid traps, and find better passing angles.

    Finally, Majerus shows you two drills to develop the finishing ability of your post players. For each drill, Coach Majerus offers the teaching points you need to develop successful players. Success will not come during the season unless players put in the work in the offseason. Let one of the all-time greats help you maximize the development of your players. Rent this Off Season Drills DVD today.

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