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  • (Rental)-Zone Offense & Specials
  • Zone Offense & Specials by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Zone Offense and Specials Zone defenses can frustrate any offense. Former Division I college coach and ESPN International Basketball Analyst Fran Fraschilla opens up his playbook to give you a number of ideas to attack zone defenses. Fraschilla coached at St. John’s, New Mexico, and Manhattan where he won an MAAC Coach of the Year award. Using the whiteboard and on-court demonstrations Fraschilla shows you a continuity zone offense, set plays, and simple inbounds plays. He even includes a few last-second plays that can be used in a half-court or full-court situation. Power Set Power is a set play that is used against a man-to-man defense. It can lead to an easy layup for a crossing post player and it also flows right into a motion offense. Power can easily get the ball to your best player or the player that is hot at the time. The set is similar to a motion offense and is easy for players to memorize and understand. Zone Offense Fraschilla won plenty of games with a continuity zone offense that works against any zone defense. The offense attacks the weakest part of the zone – the corner. Fraschilla shows you how to attack the short corner, high post, and wing. He also shows you how to attack the gaps of a zone defense as well as use ball fakes to move the defense and overload to create advantages. He gets into detail about how to use man-to-man principles to beat any zone defense. Inbounds Plays and Last-Second Plays Coach Fraschilla walks through four separate inbounds plays that will keep opponents guessing. Each play has a counter that Fraschilla explains step-by-step. Each play also flows seamlessly into your basic motion offense. Your players should have no problem learning them. Fraschilla finishes by demonstrating two last-second plays as well as one counter that can be used to get an easy shot with little time left on the clock. The plays can be used in a half-court or full-court situation and will give your players confidence to face any pressure situation. Coach Fraschilla’s complete offensive arsenal will give you everything you need to face whatever an opponent throws at you.
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