(Rental)-Using Pressure Defense to Get a Winning Edge

  • (Rental)-Using Pressure Defense to Get a Winning Edge
  • Using Pressure Defense to Get a Winning Edge by Ed Cooley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Using Pressure Defense to Get a Winning Edge

    Providence men’s basketball coach Ed Cooley has spent his career developing a complete pressure defense. That defense has helped his teams be competitive in the Big East. In this video, Coach Cooley offers up some of the best drills and techniques that he has amassed over the years to help you improve your team’s effectiveness at playing man-to-man defense.


    The best defensive players are not necessarily the most talented. They are those that are willing to work hard and sacrifice their bodies. To build a strong defense, Coach Cooley starts by explaining the importance of proper positioning and defensive slides. These are often the difference between stopping an opponent and getting beat.

    You will see different warmup drills that cover basics like defensive slides, recovering, and getting back in front of the basketball. These drills instill the instincts necessary to play great defense and they are competitive and require players to use great discipline.

    Fly Drill

    Coach Cooley uses the Fly Drill to teach defensive rotations and communication. The Fly Drill is really just a variation of the shell drill, but the defense is at a disadvantage. Players work on numerous skills at once. These include closeouts, rotation, communication, gap concepts, and pressuring the basketball. The drill can be adjusted to add box outs and dribble penetration.


    Coach Cooley’s 2014 Friars’ team didn’t win the Big East tournament by accident. Coach Cooley’s drills build an environment of competition. Players compete for loose balls, rebounds, and more. They get in passing lanes, pressure the ball, and rotate all on effort alone. Coach Cooley instills a tenacious mindset in his players and it is evident in the drills that you see in the video.

    If you are searching for drills to build better defenders, Coach Cooley’s presentation is the answer. He will help foster a competitive environment that ensures your pressure defense excels!

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