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    Ed Cooley: Secondary & Transition Offense

    Ed Cooley’s Providence teams are consistently one of the top scoring teams in the Big East Conference thanks to an aggressive, attacking style of offense. Coach Cooley led the Friars to the 2014 Big East Tournament championship and has taken his team to the last five straight NCAA tournaments.

    In this video, Coach Cooley breaks down how he transitions into a fast, physical, and connected offense from the instant his team gets a rebound. He will show you how to build an offense that attacks after made baskets as well in an effort to continually pressure opponents. You also get access to a couple key practice drills that can help you perfect your transition offense.

    Transition Offense to Attack

    Coach Cooley begins with some great detail about planning to attack all sorts of defenses. In order to attack and keep the pressure on an opponent, your offense must be prepared for any look that it may see. Coach will break down his Laser/Roadrunner organized fast break, the terminology used to give each player a role in the break, and what area of the floor each player should occupy. There will be multiple options for baseline drives or kickouts. Coach also shows you how to hit a runner in the middle of the floor and how to move the ball to get an open shot.

    In order to attack off the break, Cooley emphasizes the following:

    1. How to isolate and position your big man in transition
    2. How to deal with defenses that switch
    3. Multiple ways to flow seamlessly into the secondary break

    The Secondary Break

    One of the least-utilized facets of the basketball offense is the secondary break. Teams can continue to attack opponents with an aggressive secondary break game. Coach Cooley gets into using multiple ball screens with a number of options off of each set. This helps give coaches and players a wealth of information they can use to create mismatches, 2-on-1 advantages, and easy 3-point shots by your team’s best shooters.

    Cooley also gets into how to reach players today, build their confidence, and get them to buy-in to your program. This 53-minute video is insightful and informative and can help you transition your team into one that is more efficient and effective. Rent this Transition Offense DVD today.

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