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  • (Rental)-Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds
  • Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds by Mike Dunlap Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mike Dunlap: Transition Offense – The First 6 Seconds

    Mike Dunlap is a coaching veteran that has been around the block. He won two NCAA Division II national titles at Metro State, served as a Division I assistant at schools like Arizona and Oregon, and spent time as the head coach of the Charlotte Bobcats in the NBA.

    One of Dunlap’s core beliefs is that the first six seconds of the shot clock can determine the outcome of your offensive possession. In this video, Coach Dunlap shows you how to make those six seconds count.

    First, Coach Dunlap shares some thoughts on how to motivate players to attack the basket in transition. Going onto the court, Dunlap goes into great detail on the Three R’s of effective transition basketball.

    • Run out
    • Read
    • React

    You will see how to get the ball out of the net and push it up the floor as fast as possible. Doing so puts enormous pressure on a defense and helps to control the aggressive of an opposing defense. Coach Dunlap’s explanations and techniques are extremely easy to understand and follow.

    Next, Coach Dunlap gets into concepts such as spacing. When running in transition, it is imperative that players use proper spacing and accelerate through the dead corners on the wings. This is also the point where Dunlap points out the importance of positive reinforcement. Coaches can build stronger, smarter, and more confident players using positive reinforcement.

    Since playing an up-tempo style of offense requires a well-conditioned team, Coach Dunlap shares some ideas on how to prepare your players. You will see a three-lane running drill that helps players get a feel for running the floor hard. The Blitz Drill helps to train players to maximize their scoring opportunities by reacting quickly but not hurriedly to defensive pressure. Both drills are done at a high tempo and serve as conditioning exercises as well.

    This video is a gem that will help coaches communicate better with their players, instill a higher level of confidence, and teach players how to move more aggressively up the floor on offense.

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