(Rental)-Tom Crean's Six Plays From The Box Set

  • (Rental)-Tom Crean's Six Plays From The Box Set
  • Tom Crean's Six Plays From The Box Set by Tom Crean Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Coach Crean breaks down the box set series into its components. Different actions can be run out of the same box set, which can cause confusion for the defense. The first box set puts two perimeter players at their elbows, and then flows into a triangle with a ball side. Defense faces many problems due to the flare screen and "split" post feed action. These plays are designed to reverse the ball and force one defense to defend two of the offensive players on the weaker side. Box #2 is a late 3-pointer that places a shooter on a block to the left. Box 3 is a misdirection play using ball screens. The perimeter spacing allows for cross-screen action and screen the screener action. Box #4 is ideal for a lay-up coming out of a timeout. Refusing to use the ball screen can result in penetration, dish possibilities, or a lay-up. The flare screen in Box #5 creates a hard back screen for the post player, sending him to open block area for position. A double screen is available for your post player to make a jump shot. The last box play creates an isolation to a guard, double screen for a shooter, and an over-the top chest cut.

    63 minutes. 2007.

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