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  • Tips & Drills to Build a 5 Out Organized Chaos Offense by Dan D'Antoni Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Tips and Drills to Build a 5-Out Organized Chaos Offense

    Dan D’Antoni, brother of Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni, helped create the “Seven Seconds or Less” style of basketball and he offers tips and drills in this video. The head coach at Marshall University now, D’Antoni has guided the Thundering Herd to a Conference USA tournament title (2018) and the 2019 CIT championship.

    In this video, D’Antoni shows you his positionless basketball that he calls “Hillbilly Ball” which creates countless scoring opportunities.

    Organizing the Chaos

    A huge part of “organized chaos” is shooting. D’Antoni’s teams do much more shooting that programs that play conventional styles of basketball. Drill No. 1 is a two-minute drill that gets players to run the floor and shoot transition 3-pointers. The idea is to make 20 3-pointers in two minutes.

    The next drill is Long Arm Layups, which is used to teach penetrators how to attack the basket while being forced to change hands. Without gathering the ball, the dribbler must shoot a long arm layup off the bounce. Other finishes are also demonstrated.

    Player Development

    In order to play D’Antoni’s positionless style, players must develop a versatile skill set. There are times when five point guards will be on the floor, which D’Antoni traces back to former NBA head coach Rick Adelman. Adelman once said, “If you get in trouble, go small; and if that doesn’t work go smaller.”

    One of the big drills D’Antoni uses is the Step-Back Drill. Here, players learn to step back behind the 3-point line when penetration is taken away. Variations of the drill are also shown.

    Part of D’Antoni’s player development is the use of the two-man game on the perimeter. Players drive with the idea of getting a player open in the corner. D’Antoni then adds a third player to the mix in the post. The organized chaos now has a post element.

    NBA Actions

    The final part of the presentation includes two basic NBA actions: 21 and the pick and roll. Having spent time as an NBA assistant, D’Antoni likes 21, which is a transition attack. A well-executed pick and roll is one of the hardest actions to defend in basketball. D’Antoni reviews both as well as several options off of them.

    This a great look at modern basketball offense. If you are looking to create chaos, add this video to your library today!

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