(Rental)-The Spread 'pick & Roll

  • (Rental)-The Spread 'pick & Roll
  • The Spread 'pick & Roll by Billy Donovan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Find out everything you need about the pick-and-roll offense from National Champion coach Billy Donovan
    • Demonstrations on-court demonstrating all aspects of the pick & roll
    • Advice on how to counter defensive adjustments against pick and roll

    Coach Billy Donovan is an expert in the pick-and-roll offense. This has resulted in back-to-back NCAA Championships and has been replicated in hundreds of gyms all across the country. This is his first exploration of the philosophy and construction of this efficient attack. He starts with the flat pick-and-roll by the post player at top of the key.
    Donovan teaches flat option 5-on-5, and then shows it in action 5-on-5. This concept is the basis of multiple scoring opportunities in the half court.
    The offense teaches you important lessons such as readings, spacing, screening angles, and slipping. Coaches can use real game situations to help them anticipate their opponents' strategies in the pick-and-roll offense. Donovan has identified three ways pick and roll can be defended in college and teaches the offense how to stop them, including the double team trap and switch. Donovan also teaches ball reversal and slip when tackling the defensive'show'.
    This offense forces defense to match up quickly and get back in transition, as well as constantly close out and contain penetration. The pick and roll can counter any defensive adjustment made to the pick-and-roll!

    62 minutes. 2007.

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