(Rental)-The Hybrid Flex Offense

  • (Rental)-The Hybrid Flex Offense
  • The Hybrid Flex Offense by Don Kelbick Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    For a more in-depth look at the modern Flex offense, Coach Don Kelbick shares his 35-plus years of coaching knowledge with you in this video. Coach Kelbick has coached at the high school and NCAA Division I levels and has served as a scout for several NBA teams. He has coached more than 14 NBA players and over 50 others that have played professionally around the world.

    In this video, Coach Kelbick dives into the Hybrid Flex Offense, one that is highly effective and can be used at any level of basketball. Coach begins by introducing the system, why it works, and its basic philosophy. The Flex is based on spacing and Coach Kelbick teaches the concept and the rest of the offense in a step-by-step fashion. You get all of his teaching points including how to deviate from the offense while still maintaining continuity.

    Chapters 3 and 4 of the video reveal eight different entries to begin the Flex offense. You will learn how to enter the ball to begin the offense and even see options for quick scoring opportunities. Chapter 4 gets into how to handle pressure. Players must maintain proper spacing and keep the ball in the operating zone under intense pressure.

    The video concludes with options off of the Flex. Here, you will find five highly effective scoring opportunities out of the Flex. You will also see how you can read defenses, counter them, and get your best players the shots you want. Finally, Coach Kelbick shares with you the drills he uses to improve skills within the Flex offense and how you could develop your own drills.

    The Hybrid Flex offense is unlimited in its options and is difficult to stop because of all the screening action. Teams like the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz, and Miami Heat have all run variations of the Flex offense at one time.

    It’s a simple, yet complicated, offense that can be run at any level. Coach Kelbick lays out everything you need to get started and have you scoring more points in no time.

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