(Rental)-The 'dive & Fill' Zone Offense

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    Bob Huggins' zone offense targets the highest-risk area of the floor, the high post. To make the zone's core work, this offense employs the "dive-and-fill" method. Coach Huggins shows the basics of the offense using four players in this clinic on the floor. The high post, short corner, and wings are the main areas of the floor. The guard is a key position for the high-post player. The offense is able to win a 3-on-2 advantage when the ball reaches this area. Basic alignment is a 2-1-2 with the most active, best player at the high post. Huggins demonstrates the three-man rotation at the baseline when the ball's direction is inverted. This is a great feature because it allows a 3-point shooter to be free in the corners. Huggins shows how Huggins can get the ball to the high post or to the open shooter on either wing. Huggins also shows how to make space for a lob to the rim. Huggins demonstrates how to create mismatches in the zone once the action has become 5-on-5. There are three options: the ball screen, the corner action, and the dribble pull.

    65 minutes. 2007.

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