(Rental)-The Century Scoring System With Doug Porter

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    • Your points per game can be increased
    • Here are some tips and insights to help you improve your offense's ability to take more shots, score within 12 seconds, increase assists, and outlast the opposition with this style of basketball.
    • Include drills that teach the foundation for this high-intensity offense

    Coach Porter shows that 100 points is achievable with his highly-powered offense. His innovative style of basketball will show you how your offense can make more shots, score in 12 seconds, increase assists, and outlast the opposition. Porter's "System", which includes running, shooting, rebounding, and constant substitutions, has trapping defense. Porter offers tips and criticisms about "The System" as well as ways to get started right away. Porter provides drills to help you implement this high-scoring offense. Each drill illustrates the key elements of shooting and passing as well as fast breaking. As your team runs "The System", you'll be surrounded by screaming fans and will see the gym thronging with cheering fans.

    107 minutes. 2009.

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