(Rental)-The Aggressive 1--1--3 Zone

  • (Rental)-The Aggressive 1--1--3 Zone
  • The Aggressive 1--1--3 Zone by Terri Mitchell Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The 1-1-3 zone defense, if mastered, is a disruptive force that can be the catalyst to leading your program to wins and, more importantly, sustained success. Terri Mitchell, head women's basketball coach at Marquette, shows you how to master the same 1-1-3 zone defense that took her program to multiple NCAA tournament appearances.

    1-1-3 Zone Defense Fundamentals

    Mitchell opens the instruction with individual player assignments. A successful 1-1-3 zone defense requires each individual player to fulfill his assignment while trusting each of his other teammates. Mitchell details exactly what each positions fundamentals should be with an emphasis on protecting the paint and defending the corner. Mitchell goes into great detail the foundation of her zone: ball pressure, movement, rotation and anticipation. Beyond the basic player and team fundamentals, Mitchell shows a multitude of trapping options that will force turnovers and keep the offense on their heels.

    1-1-3 Zone Defense Drills

    Mitchell gives you many drills to drill the fundamentals of the 1-1-3 defense, some of which include the 5-1-4 Set, String Concept, 2-1-2 Set, and Rover & Ball Hawk Communication.

    The 1-1-3 defense is a very unique defense that is difficult to scout, provides tremendous ball pressure, causes turnover, and is simple and easy to install making it perfect for any team at any level. In addition, it also teaches players how to communicate and trust their teammates. This DVD will give you an amazing starting point to building your defense.

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