(Rental)-Tenacious Tactics & Daily Drills for Defending the 3 Point Line

  • (Rental)-Tenacious Tactics & Daily Drills for Defending the 3 Point Line
  • Tenacious Tactics & Daily Drills for Defending the 3 Point Line by Luke Yaklich Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    In this video, Coach Yaklich presents a man-to-man defensive system developed specifically to counter the trend of spreading the offense and relying more on the 3-point shot. He shares drills and concepts to provide your defense with the tactical edge to take away open looks from behind the arc and force opponents into contested and difficult two-point shots.

    The video begins with Coach Yaklich discussing how to create a defensive culture on his teams, and shares insights on how to simplify your defensive scheme, set defensive goals and connect the team through a shared language of essential terminology.

    Next, Coach Yaklich covers valuable defensive tacticals on how to get organized in transition defense to eliminate "shock 3s" by sending three players to the offensive boards, while sending two players back in a tandem. He also provides two drills that can be implemented into practices to improve execution in this critical phase of the game.

    Coach Yaklich also emphasizes the importance of constant emphasis on defensive principles by reviewing them every day with ‘The Factory Drill.’ He demonstrates five progressions for building the proper habits that your players will need to be excellent on-ball defenders. Additionally, the video covers how to teach players defensive rotations through multiple layers with the shell drill and ‘stunt the stunter’ to impact shooters while allowing teammates to recover.

    The video also covers how to negate advantages teams might gain by using screens to free shooters through tactics such as shut out denial, top locks and bounce switches. He also provides options for defending ball screens that work for both switchable or non-switching lineups.

    Finally, Coach Yaklich shares late-game strategies to take away the 3-point shot, including ‘fouling for profit in the final seconds,’ pre-switching screens to prevent mismatches, driving players inside the 3-point line with the ‘Nasty’ technique, and using the ‘Seahawk Switch’ on inbound plays to confuse the opponent.

    The video is 83 minutes long and produced in 2023. Coach Yaklich believes that by finding just two to three defensive stops per game, teams can become great defensive teams, and the information provided in this video is intended to help coaches achieve that.

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