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    In this informative video, Jennie Baranczyk shares her secrets for success on the basketball court. As the head coach of Oklahoma, she has developed a reputation for turning programs around and helping players make better decisions on the court. With on-the-court demonstrations and game film, viewers will gain valuable insights into how to improve their team's performance.

    Shooting Drills and Transition Build-Up

    One of the keys to success on the basketball court is being able to make shots. In this video, Baranczyk demonstrates a variety of dynamic warm-up drills that will help players get more reps in practice. From ‘warmup shooting’, where players set up in four lines and have to beat the clock, to ‘On the Move Shooting’, where players are constantly moving to get shots up from different spots, these drills will help players improve their footwork and shooting ability.

    In addition to shooting drills, Baranczyk also provides an in-depth look at how she trains her players to push the ball in transition and make quick scoring decisions. Starting with a 2-on-0 drill, she gradually builds up to 5-on-0 situations, all the while focusing on proper spacing and how to play off a baseline drive, middle drives and post touches.

    Advantage and Disadvantage Drills

    To help her players improve during advantage and disadvantage situations, Baranczyk uses two highly effective drills. In the 4-on-2 drill, players are split into teams and given the goal of scoring in a half-court, 4-on-2 situation. In the 3-on-2 continuous drill, teams set up in a 3-on-2 situation in the half-court and work together to try and score.

    Throughout the video, Coach Baranczyk emphasizes the importance of creating open shots and scoring opportunities. With these drills, viewers will learn how to train their players to gain offensive advantages, make quick reads and maximize scoring opportunities.

    Overall, this video is a must-have for any basketball coach looking to take their team to the next level. With easy-to-understand instructions and on-the-court demonstrations, viewers will come away with a wealth of knowledge to help improve their team's performance.

    53 minutes. 2022.

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