(Rental)-T-game Zone Offense & 4 Corner Delay

  • (Rental)-T-game Zone Offense & 4 Corner Delay
  • T-game Zone Offense & 4 Corner Delay by Dean Smith Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Dean Smith, a North Carolina legend, teaches you how to create two powerful offenses
    • Two basketball offenses have won more than 800 games.
    • These offenses can be demonstrated on the court using whiteboard diagrams, game clips and demonstrations.

    Dean Smith reveals two powerful offenses that he used in leading his teams to more than 800 wins and two NCAA Championships: the Four Corners Delay Game and the T-Game Zone Offense. The T-Game is effective against zone and man-to-man defenses. To exploit the defense, the T-Game places players strategically across the floor. The perimeter is manned by three guards, who work together with the posts to create a team. The zone is defended by ball and player movement, skip passes and posts dives. Coach Smith helps to dissect the T-game's details with game clips, whiteboard diagrams and a demonstration on the floor. Smith created the Four Corners delay game to preserve leads in the final stages of the game. It was used 107 times by Smith during his career. The Heels won 105 of these games because of its effectiveness. The five benefits of the four corners make defenses struggle to gain an edge.

    79 minutes. 2008.

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