(Rental)-Swarm Match-up Zone Defensive Concepts

  • Swarm match up zone defense by Wayne Walters
  • Swarm Match-up Zone Defensive Concepts by Wayne Walters Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    SWARM Match Up zone Defensive Concepts

    Create a more dynamic defense matching it to different offensive alignments and fully utilizing the skill sets of your players with coach Wayne Walters’ SWARM matchup zone. Coach Walters is the former head coach of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology where his last four teams were able to force over 30 turnovers per game. Walters invented the SWARM defense, one that is aggressive and relentless and forces offenses to be uncomfortable.

    Coach Walters begins his on-court presentation with a breakdown of the 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. He then shares the necessary components for creating an overpowering matchup zone. You will get an in-depth explanation of each position’s responsibilities. Once the fundamentals are presented, Walters adds another layer to the defense – the Triangle-and-2 concept. It’s a simple concept but one that confuses offenses.

    Offenses will attack matchup zones with dribble penetration and kick-outs. Walters shows you how to stop dribble penetration from different spots with efficient defensive rotations. Fist and Twist are two concepts designed to keep the ball on the perimeter without leaving an open shooter.

    Match Up Zone Drills

    As part of the presentation, Walters shows two build-up drills he has used to teach rotations and movements within the matchup zone.

    • Bee Drill: Teaches the basic concepts of staying within a triangle. Defenders learn where to pick up cutters and how to bump them to a teammate.
    • Chair Drill: Teaches players to stay low defensively. It also is an effective conditioning tool as players learn to move within the zone.

    One of the more difficult things to do when playing a zone defense is handling boxing out when fronting a post. Coach Walters shares ideas on how to solve this problem and turn a perceived weakness into a strength. It is one of the many different elements that Coach Walters covers in this 94-minute presentation.

    Whether it’s an odd front, even front, dribble entry, wing drive, or baseline drive; Coach Walters reviews every possible situation along with options you can use to create a complete defensive package. It may appear complex, but Walters makes it simple. If you are looking for a defense that can disrupt opponents, this is it. Rent this Match Up Zone Defense DVD today.

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