(Rental)-Spread Ball Screen Offense

  • (Rental)-Spread Ball Screen Offense
  • Spread Ball Screen Offense by Dave Paulsen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Spread Ball Screen Offense with Counters & Breakdown Drills

    George Mason University head coach Dave Paulsen has had remarkable success at various levels and attributes it to his patented ball screen offense. In this video, which includes a special bonus, Coach Paulsen breaks down all the details of the offense, shows you how to run it, and offers strategies for defeating any defense you might face.

    Type of Ball Screens

    To begin, Coach Paulsen gives you a breakdown of the offense and explains why floor spacing is so important. Spacing dictates that different actions in the offense. Coach Paulsen then offers details on the different screening actions – side, spread, and alley. From there, he teaches the reads and actions of the ball handler and the screener. You’ll see how they work to create 2-on-1 advantages and why the ball handler should refuse the screen 30 percent of the time.


    Because the offense is so reliant on ball screens, Coach Paulsen shows you different weak side actions that can counter any defensive action. Perimeter players away from the action are involved in spacing the floor and use back cuts, loops, and down screens to keep defenses from keying on ball screens.

    Coach Paulsen also shows actions for players that need to create scoring opportunities. You’ll see the lunge, punch, Euro, and lift moves. With the basics covered, players can then run the motion offense in a 5-on-0 setting to learn how to flow into multiple ball screen actions.

    Post Play

    Defenses will employ certain strategies to disrupt the ball screen offense. Coach Paulsen breaks down different counters to these strategies. These include taking advantage of defenses that rotate to cover the screener, taking advantage of mismatches created by switching, and more.

    Coach Paulsen finishes by addressing questions about the defenses that give the offense the most trouble. In addition to Paulsen’s break down of his offense, you also receive a bonus video that includes nearly two hours of Coach Paulsen and his “Vision, Values, and Voyage” approach to building a unified culture on and off the court. The bonus video helps to foster leadership and help coaches build winning programs.

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