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    Watch a live practice with Frank Haith, which focuses on defense and essential skills!

    • You can teach your players to hustle and take responsibility for saving balls that are out of bounds.
    • You can boost the effectiveness of your defense by watching Haith and his team perform their transition and defense responsibilities in 3 Orange zones.
    • Practice ends with a perfect baseline out of bounds play and a goal-oriented free throw.

    Visit the University of Tulsa's gym to see Coach Frank Haith, the Golden Hurricane in action. From start to finish, you will be able to see the entire practice, stretching out to free throws. You will see Coach Haith in action on the court.

    Warm Up, Shooting, Post/Perimeter Works

    Players practice on the court with a dynamic stretching program that covers the entire court and includes ball handling. Their warm-up routine includes a review on their offense. Their press attack and several half-court plays will be shown in a 5-on-1 play review. To keep his players ready and focused, Coach Haith had the team break into two groups to shoot a shooting progression drill. This drill is great for taking up lots of shots quickly.

    The next step is to break up the players into perimeter and post groups for position-specific moves. There will be different finishes and attacks from the perimeter and posts positions, as well as continuous 3-on-1 drive and kick drills.

    Defense Drills & Passing

    The Golden Hurricane emphasize the importance of passing and catching. They go through two full court passing drills to reinforce their fast-paced style of play. The Blowout Drill helps players get conditioned and teaches them how to kick-ahead, which is crucial for fast break basketball.

    Coach Haith will have players practice footwork and positioning on slot drives and pivots from the wing. Wall Jump Drill will help your post players move their feet and compete without getting in trouble for aggressive baseline drives to the basket. Players are required to perform a Charge drill in order to get things moving and make it competitive. This teaches players the habit of keeping your head up, jumping to the ball and ending with a charge.

    Coach Haith also displays his Baseball Drill. This is a highly competitive 1-on-1 team drill. To emphasize your defensive principles, you will be able to modify the parameters and score points of the drill. Haith instructs his players to work on closing out and saving the ball in the corner.

    Rebounding. Shell Defense. Transition Defense

    Next, players will practice rebounding and blocking in a 3-on-3 game of rebounding. The defensive mentality continues as athletes move onto the 4-on-4 Shell drill. This segment will show you how Tulsa's players protect different screens and ball screens. It also shows how they trap the post. Coach Haith adds players to make it 5-on-5. His team is required to guard multiple half-court sets.

    The Golden Hurricane switch to transition defense by going through two drills that work on the transition principles of "basket + ball + white line+ weak line". In the Transition D vs. Coaches drill, you'll learn how to quickly convert from half-court offense into transition defense.

    Haith and his team will review several baseline out-of-bounds plays to complete the practice. There will be several plays that come from two different alignments, which will definitely add points to the board.

    This video offers a rare opportunity to learn from Frank Haith, a phenomenal basketball coach. It also gives you an insider's look at the Tulsa menÕs basketball program.

    110 minutes. 2021.

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