(Rental)-Set Plays For A High Scoring Transition Game

  • (Rental)-Set Plays For A High Scoring Transition Game
  • Set Plays For A High Scoring Transition Game by Tony Barone Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    • Score missed field goals and make free throws
    • Shooting drills and passing exercises that are fast-paced
    • A second offensive package that works effectively

    You can take advantage of weak defenses that retreat to defend your goal. Tony Barone has seen basketball from every angle. Barone shares his knowledge of penetration, offensive moves and shot variety from years of coaching at the college, high school and NBA levels. Barone has logged every type of fast break offense and this is part of his vast knowledge about high-paced basketball. Barone shares his fast break philosophy, which is based on nine core beliefs. Eight shooting and passing drills provide a variety of shots that are directly inspired by the NBA's powerful offenses. This unique method combines short breaks with full-court set plays to produce specific shots by designated player. This DVD is fundamentally based in basketball and will benefit you by attacking your opponent on the full court, making good shots and getting more shots.

    55 minutes. 2009.

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