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    Defense has been an integral part of the Tar Heel basketball heritage. Coach Williams explains the whole system in this DVD. Important information is provided by Coach Williams. 20 = man to man, 30 = double the dribble, 40 = double the pass. Depending on where you pick up, the 20 series can be broken down into 22 and 23 or 24. The half court coverage is 32 and 33 = three quarter court pick up with double team on dribble. Williams wants a 3-1-1 balance of man-man, scramble, and zone defense. This is ideal for coaches who want to disrupt and change an opponent's offense. Williams shows the 32 defense coverages on the projection screen. He instructs players to follow the same instructions as the diagram. Based on the trap coming in front or behind, there are two variations of 32. The defense shows the 42 and 32 in this half-court session. The trap can be used to protect your sideline in situations that are out of bounds. This defense attempts to prevent the ball from entering. Williams answers questions from the crowd and runs the scramble against various offensive alignments. Williams shows the versatility of scramble defense by demonstrating its constant flexibility.

    49 minutes. 2007.

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