(Rental)-Running a High Powered Basketball Offense: Spacing, Sets, & Inbound Plays

  • (Rental)-Running a High Powered Basketball Offense: Spacing, Sets, & Inbound Plays
  • Running a High Powered Basketball Offense: Spacing, Sets, & Inbound Plays by Kelvin Sampson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Running a High-Powered Offense: Spacing, Sets & Inbound Plays

    Kelvin Sampson has turned the Houston Cougars into a national power largely because of the proficiency of his offenses. In this video, captured at a Houston practice, Sampson shows you how prioritizing spacing helps to increase ball movement and helps break down defenses. He also shares multiple baseline and sideline inbounds plays.

    Offensive Approach

    Coach Sampson introduces his base offense first before hitting the court. You’ll see how he spaces the floor with four perimeter players and then how he uses concepts like ghost screens and scrapes to create movement and open up defenses.

    Next is a series of plays right out of the Cougars playbook. Sampson draws up the Loop series and then demonstrates it on the court. It begins with a 1-4 high set and creates easy backdoors for layups. You also see an additional set from a 1-4 high alignment as well as two options out of Floppy action. Chicago creates an open jumper for a post player while Detroit creates a difficult ball screen situation to defend off of Floppy.

    Inbounds Plays

    Sampson gives you a number of great inbounds plays. The first set of plays are baseline inbound sets. They include:

    • 21 – A box set screen-the-screener action to get an open jumper and a post-up.
    • 51 – 3 seconds or less for a quick shot on the weak side with a player rolling to the hoop.
    • Quick – Play that yields a cross screen post-up, a shot at the top of the key, and a pick and roll option to follow.
    • 52 – Get a quick high-low to a post player off of a tight back screen.
    • Thumb Down – Use an elevator screen for a 3-pointer.
    • Thumb Down Counter – A rip screen counter.
    • Slice Weak – A misdirection play for a quick pin down jumper run from a box set.

    The next set of plays is for sideline inbounds. They include:

    • Slice Weak – It’s the same concept as the baseline Slice Weak run from a zipper screen.
    • Quick – Same as the baseline play except now from the sideline.
    • Loop 2 – A pick and roll play with an empty corner.
    • Barber Pole – Great play to get action toward the rim with a back screen and a cleared out side.

    Coach Sampson is one of the best offensive minds in the college game. His video is packed full of ideas for how to expose defenses in the half-court and in special situations. Rent this basketball offense DVD today.

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