(Rental)-Rob Senderoff's Favorite Basketball Drills

  • (Rental)-Rob Senderoff's Favorite Basketball Drills
  • Rob Senderoff's Favorite Basketball Drills by Rob Senderoff Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    In this presentation, Coach Rob Senderoff shares everyday drills that can be incorporated into your basketball program to maximize practice time and develop players' fundamental techniques. The drills progress and build upon each other, covering multiple facets of the game.

    The presentation begins with closeout and passing drills, including various closeout situations for opponent preparation, and drills to improve passing such as the Extra Pass drill, Z Passing, 30 Second Perfect Passing, and Continuous Post Passing.

    The next section focuses on rebounding and transition drills, including exercises to improve rebounding technique and dummy and live transition drills to improve transition defense.

    Lastly, Coach Senderoff concludes the presentation with one of his favorite drills, the 4v4 Triangle, which emphasizes help defense and stunts to reduce opponents' strong-side corner 3-pointer percentage.

    Overall, this video does a great job in showing how to connect all the daily drills and build upon players' fundamentals to develop high level techniques that will give them an edge over the competition. The video is approximately 87 minutes long and is available in 2021.

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