(Rental)-Read & React Offense Boot Camp Dvd

  • (Rental)-Read & React Offense Boot Camp Dvd
  • Read & React Offense Boot Camp Dvd by Rick Torbett Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Read and React Boot Camp 5 DVD Set for Rent

     How far can you get with the Read and React Offense is 5 practices?  What this 5 DVD set titled the Read and React Offense Boot Camp and you'll find out.  Coach Rick Torbett will take a college group through 5 basketball practices around 2 hours and 15 minutes each.  You'll get to watch him install all of the layers of the Read & React Offense in real time.  

    Now will you achieve master of the Read and React Offense in 5 practices?  Of course not but you can introduce the entire offense to your team by watching Rick Torbett do it.  The great thing about the Read & React Offense is that players get to make decisions on the court instead of the coach controlling everything with set plays.  All playes can succeed in the Read & React Offense. You can give your stronger players more options and weaker players less options.  But the key is they can all play together regardless of skill level.

    For example, stronger players can drive to the basket, dribble at, do a hand off, or get involved in a pick and roll.  Now if you have a weaker player who doesn't have those skills you can just have them always cut to the basket.  This sets up the weaker player for success in the offense because they have an option and if they are open they will probably be getting the shot they are most capable of making.

    Read and React Boot Camp Offense - Learn the Offense

    If you haven't watched other Read & React Offense videos that's fine.  You can start with the Boot Camp and still learn all of the layers.  We suggest you do watch the other videos so you get all the details but if you you only watch one this is a good one because you'll see real players learning the offense in 5 practices so everyting won't be perfect.  There is less editing on the Read and React Boot Camp DVDs so you get to see the mistakes players make. Rent the Read and React Boot Camp DVDs today.



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