(Rental)-Pro Style Transition & Secondary Break

  • (Rental)-Pro Style Transition & Secondary Break
  • Pro Style Transition & Secondary Break by Dan Majerle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Dan Majerle: Pro-Style Transition and Secondary Break

    Former NBA All-Star Dan Majerle has built a solid foundation at Grand Canyon University by utilizing what he learned in 14 professional seasons – up-tempo, fast-paced offense. In this video, Majerle shares what he learned from some of the best NBA coaches of all-time and shows you how to run a pro-style transition offense as well as a secondary break offense. Both can be run off of makes or misses and will allow you to exploit matchups and wear out opponents over the course of a game.

    Transitions Off a Miss

    The fast break off the miss begins with the outlet pass. Majerle then explains how the 2 and the 3 run the floor and where they are to position themselves. Coach Majerle also shows you how the 4 and 5 run the floor and the options they have in the primary break.

    If the primary break fails to score, Majerle demonstrates the secondary break showing three easy plays you can run. He shows you how these secondary break options deliver back doors, dribble hand offs, screens and double screens, and help with defenses that switch.

    Transitions Off a Make

    Majerle then shows you how the same concepts can be applied to the fast break off a made basket. He shows four different secondary break plays after a make. These include the two-player game, drag and double drag, and pinch the post. You will also see how Majerle empties one side of the floor to make space for his best player to operate.


    Majerle was well known throughout his playing career as one of the top shooters in the league. In this segment, Coach Majerle shares the fundamentals that are key to becoming an elite shooter. He emphasizes proper footwork, catching the basketball, the release, and shooting in game-like situations.

    This 62-minute video focuses on transition plays and options on the secondary break. If you are looking for more ways to score in transition and help your program take the next step, this video is for you.

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