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    The Rocket Offense: Pro Style Transition Ball-Screen Sets & Breakdowns

    Five-time Indiana high school state champion coach Jeremy Bialek shows you a ball screen motion offense similar to that used by Mike D’Antoni of the Houston Rockets in this captivating video. The offense puts players in the right spots for easy shots and teaches players how to read defenses and react accordingly.

    Coach Bialek knows a thing or two about offense having won over 400 career games, six conference titles, and the last four ICBA state championships in the state of Indiana. His ball screen motion offense gives players numerous scoring opportunities and can be used in transition or in the half-court.

    Running the Rocket Offense

    The Rocket Offense has been so successful for Coach Bialek because it provides players with great angles of attack and tremendous scoring opportunities whether in transition or in the half-court offense. The offense is centered around always having two ball handlers. Either ball handler is to continually focus on getting the ball up the floor as quickly as possible. The idea is to push the pace and stretch the floor in an effort to draw out help side defenders. This will permit either attempts at attacking the rim or the ability to hit post players rolling to the basket.

    Teams will begin to defend the offense’s transition ball screens in a number of ways. One is to use the hard hedge or trap. Ball handlers learn to time it just right and hit slipping post players or back the ball out and create space once again. Players can then attack the defense again.

    Against the normal hedge, ball handlers use a hesitation move to create separation. This allows them to turn the corner or simply reverse the ball all the while looking for a rolling post player. Ball handlers can also look to attach the switch, especially in a mismatch situation taking advantage of a bigger, slower player.

    You’ll witness a number of easy entries that Bialek uses to start the offense, create movement, and get the ball to your best players for easy scoring opportunities. Coach Bialek shares with you dribble hand-off options as well as the use of double-down screens in the Rocket Offense.

    Rocket Offense Breakdown Drills

    Coach Bialek begins with a simple 5-on-0 transition drill to teach players their lanes and the spots they need to be in to create the kind of space necessary for ball screens and drives. As players become comfortable, the defense is added to help players see their reads as well as the various options available coming off a ball screen.

    Bialek also uses 1-on-0 and 1-on-1 drills to break down ball handler’s attacks. These drills build into 2-on-0 and 2-on-2 drills where players learn to how hit rolling post players and work on the different types of passes – bounce pass, lob, and dump pass, for example.

    This video is part of Coach Bialek’s 2-pack and is a tremendous break down of the pro-style ball screen offense. Learn the drills, the reads, and the best sets to put your players into positions where they can be successful with Coach Bialek’s Rocket Offense. Rent the Rocket Offense DVD today.

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