(Rental)-Precision Ball Control & Passing Workout

  • (Rental)-Precision Ball Control & Passing Workout
  • Precision Ball Control & Passing Workout by Lyndsey Fennelly Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Passing Drills & Ball Control

    Passing is a fundamental skill in basketball that players must master. Lyndsey Fennelly, an All-American point guard at Iowa State, is now a basketball trainer and coach and in this video demonstrates how she trains players to become dynamic ball handlers and efficient passers. Fennelly was a second-round pick of the Indiana Fever after leading Iowa State in assists during the 2006-07 season. She is the former course director at Point Guard College.

    Coach Fennelly begins the training session with a warm up. Players progress through 10 different ball handling drills that build confidence. Fennelly has her players dribble at game speed to get them out of their comfort zone. In just 10 minutes per session, players can really build their dribbling confidence.

    After the warm up, Coach Fennelly then begins to add drills that simulate game-like conditions. She adds movement and contact. Players work from the wing to attack the rim using different dribbles and finishes. Coach Fennelly teaches four different attacking moves in the Wing Attack Drill. Players develop dexterity and placement of the off arm to protect the basketball. Fennelly also teaches the Eurostep here training the technique from baseline to middle and from middle to baseline.

    Basketball Passing Drills for Games

    Coach Fennelly also includes drills designed to improve passing. This is often overlooked by coaches today. Fennelly’s drills are designed to promote passing confidence so that players can make difficult passes under pressure. Four types of passes are taught – hook, push, rugby, and behind the back.

    Coaches looking to build better ball handlers and better passers will take much away from Coach Fennelly’s video. Most of the drills presented can be done individually, with a single partner, or with a team. No matter the skill level, the drills in this 46-minute video can help develop players that are unstoppable scoring and passing threats. Rent this basketball passing drills DVD today.

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