(Rental)-Pre--season Strength & Conditioning

  • (Rental)-Pre--season Strength & Conditioning
  • Pre--season Strength & Conditioning by Alan Stein Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Alan Stein: Preseason Strength & Conditioning – The Foundation of a Championship Team

    Teams with better conditioned players execute basketball skills more efficiently and at a higher level. In this on-court presentation, conditioning specialist and trainer Alan Stein takes players through drills and concepts he uses for preseason workouts to prepare them for the season.

    Stein is the head of Pure Sweat Basketball and has served in numerous capacities including as the Head Performance Coach at nationally recognized DeMatha Catholic HS in Maryland. He has trained numerous athletes at all levels and is known for helping players improve their strength, jumping ability, speed, and protection against injury.

    Basketball Practice Warm Up

    Stein likes to build athletes from the floor up, so he starts every workout without shoes and does exercises to develop strong, mobile ankles and feet. These are of utmost importance to players and they are also the two most often injured areas on a basketball player. You’ll see six drills to strengthen the feet and loosen players up.

    The next part of the warm up incorporates a basketball and works on the player’s ankles, legs, hips, knees, and shoulders. These movements lead into a dynamic flexibility series and an agility and reaction workout. These drills improve reaction time, quickness, mental focus, and competitiveness.

    Race & Chase Drills

    Race drills work on basketball specific movements but incorporate a competitive element to work on conditioning. These drills help improve players’ defensive slides and footwork, which also work to strengthen the feet and ankles.

    You will also see some unique drills using playing cards to work on mental focus and hand-eye coordination. There is a European passing drill and a backboard sting using a medicine ball.

    Coach Stein is known around the country as one of the leading experts on basketball training. His strength and conditioning programs allow players to execute basketball skills more efficiently. Incorporating these into your program will be the foundation to your preseason success.  Rent this Basketball Strength & Conditioning DVD today.

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