(Rental)-Practice Drills To Build Defensive Intensity

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    Practice Drills to Build Defensive Intensity

    Steve Schmidt earned his way into the NJCAA Hall of Fame with a program built on toughness and defense. His Mott Community College (MI) teams have won nearly 700 games, reached eight NJCAA Final Fours, and won four national championships.

    In this video, Coach Schmidt reveals his defensive philosophy and shows you how he teaches his system of defense. It all begins with a solid foundation, one that has helped Schmidt-coached teams win over 82 percent of their games.

    Coach Schmidt demonstrates three variations of the 1-on-1 Zig-Zag Drill. Each variation has a constant of teaching players how to disrupt the opponent creating a mentality of being ready to guard any player on the floor.

    One of the key teaching points as you watch both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 on-court demonstrations is Schmidt’s emphasis on a defender’s head position. Coach Schmidt teaches players to avoid moving their heads on defense. He also goes over the proper way to defend a back-door cut, how to hedge a screen, how to get into help position, and how to be in a denial position to create havoc for your opponents.

    The Shell Drill is then used to teach correct defensive positioning in a half-court setting. Once this is mastered, players are put through a full court pressing situation where they work on their 1-on-1 techniques and then lead into half-court man-to-man situations.

    Coach Schmidt creates toughness in his players by running contract drills. The drills also serve as conditioners and they are extremely competitive. The drills simulate game-like situations and game-type energy creating an enthusiasm that forces players to compete. To make the drills even more competitive and game-like, Schmidt shows you how to award points to teams that execute properly and “keep score.”

    Maintaining a defensive intensity has been vital to the success of Schmidt’s program. Learn from the master himself how to teach it, drill it, and get your players to buy into the system.

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