(Rental)-Postionless Motion Offense for Basketball

  • (Rental)-Postionless Motion Offense for Basketball
  • Postionless Motion Offense for Basketball by Todd Lorensen Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Todd Lorensen: “Positionless” Motion Offense

    Two of the nation’s best junior college coaches share with you different strategies for the modern motion offense. Todd Lorensen, head coach at Buena Vista University (IA), and Jeremy Shulman, head coach at Eastern Florida State College, pair up to demonstrate the skills, drills, and spacing necessary to develop an offense that incorporates all the elements of the modern game.

    Lorensen took Buena Vista to the 2017 NJCAA DII national title and Shulman guided Eastern Florida State to the 2018 NJCAA D1 national championship. Each coach has a different take on the motion offense and shares how you can use their principles to be successful at any level.

    Todd Lorensen: 5-Out Motion

    Today’s game is moving toward a “positionless” approach to offense. As a result, players need to develop basic skills like cutting, screening, and passing in order to be effective in the modern motion offense. Coach Lorensen shows you 12 two- and three-man drills that emphasize these skills, including proper spacing on dribble penetration.

    The highlights of Coach Lorensen’s presentation include:

    1. Developing a two-foot jump stop to help players avoid charges and blocked shots.
    2. How to use drive and drift motions to free up your best shooters for wide open 3-pointers.
    3. How to tailor your offense to exploit certain defensive weaknesses.
    4. A rapid fire drill that teaches spacing and increases the number of shots players get in practice.

    Coach Lorensen also provides information on how certain sets can help you identify defensive weaknesses and help you exploit any mismatches. He also gives advice on how to transition into basic motion sets from virtually any spot on the floor.

    Jeremy Shulman: 4-Out Motion

    Shullman reveals to you the seven layers of his motion offense, one that scored 1.2 points per possession in 2016-17, the same year that Eastern Florida State won a national championship. Coach Shulman breaks down how each action combines to build an offense that is virtually unstoppable. The different layers allow for the offense to continue to install additional complexity over time making your teams very difficult to scout.

    Coach Shulman’s presentation includes the following:

    1. Proper spacing after ball screen action to pressure the defense and reduce the possibility of a steal.
    2. Three ways to use off-ball motion to open up driving lanes and get more layups.
    3. How to neutralize an aggressive switching defense.
    4. How to take advantage of post positioning to get easy shots.

    The new modern motion offense is easy to teach and easy for players to understand. Throw the positions out the window. Allow your players the freedom to make reads and react on the court and create an offense that is unstoppable.

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