(Rental)-Perimeter Drills For The 4--out, 1--in Motion

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    Coach Dixon breaks down the perimeter section of the 4-Out 1-In Offense. The perimeter areas are the two wings, the two guard slots and the four spots above the lane line extended. All perimeter players must perform the sweep series to begin their workout. Dixon instructs players how to openly catch, catch, sweep, drive to the basket, or pull up to shoot. A 6-inch shot fake is an important teaching tool that makes it easier to get to the basket. Next, you can do a jump shot using the same sweep series cuts. Drive and drag refers to a baseline drive, followed by a dish to another teammate. This drill is all about finding the angle, getting to a spot, and being available for the catch. The 3 W's are a way for players to efficiently use screens. They represent widening, waiting for the screen, and watching the defense. The cutting sequence begins with the basket cut. Next, the curl high, backcut, pop, and fade cuts are followed. This defense focuses on penetration work and is done in a 2-on-2 environment. Multi-purpose transition drills are used to condition, penetrate positioning, read the court, and handle ball movement. A half court 2-on-2 drill is used to defend the back screen and ball screen. You can also develop your perimeter with 3-on-0 or 4-on-0 drills.

    55 minutes. 2007.

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