(Rental)-Over 30 Sizzling Team Shooting Drills

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    Winning Hoops “Best of the Best” Series – Over 30 Sizzling Team Shooting Drills

    One of the biggest issues that basketball coaches and players struggle with is shooting. Teams that shoot poorly struggle to win games. This instructional video features over 30 of the best team shooting drills from coaches at all levels across the nation. You will find ways to help your players improve their mid-range shooting, three-point shooting, shooting at the rim, and even shooting from the free-throw line.

    The drills presented in this video were all submitted by the top coaches at the college and high school levels. The drills are competitive, fun, exciting, and can not only liven up a practice, but also work to improve your team’s ability to shoot the basketball.

    In this 90-plus-minute video you will see shooting drills like the following:

    • Three-point shooting drills
    • Fatigue shooting drills
    • Corner shooting drills
    • Free throw shooting drills
    • Elbow shooting drills
    • Full-court shooting drills
    • Spot shooting drills
    • Shooting drills with a time limit
    • Shooting games
    • And much more!

    In addition to working on shooting, players work on many basic fundamentals in these drills. These fundamentals include ball handling and cutting to receive the ball. In combination drills, players work on closing out a shooter and blocking out as well.

    The video follows the familiar “Best of the Best” format where each shooting drill is explained on the screen complete with diagrams. Then, the drill is run live on the court with players. This format allows coaches to fully digest the drill and its purpose. It is then much easier to implement the drills into your team’s practices.

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