(Rental)-Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense & Breakdown Drills

  • Dribble Drive Offense Drills Video
  • Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense & Breakdown Drills by Vance Walberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Origins of the Unstoppable Dribble Drive Offense + Breakdown Drills

    The dribble drive offense is about teaching players to play basketball, not to just run plays. That is the mantra of Clovis West (CA) HS head coach Vance Walberg, who used to be an assistant with the Sacramento Kings. Before that, Walberg was the head coach at Fresno City College where he won a California state championship in 2005. Walberg is also the founder of the dribble drive offense and in this video he will share many of the concepts that have turned this offense into the latest craze.

    Dribble Drive Offense Tactics

    To understand the dribble drive offense, you must first learn Coach Walberg’s numbering system. A traditional “5-man” is a 4 in Walberg’s system and vice versa. After the numbering system and a few other details, Walberg shares the three things that never change about his offense:

    1. It’s attack mentality – every time a player touches the ball, they must think “score”
    2. It opens gaps – after passing the ball, players need to cut to open up space to score
    3. Spacing off penetration – once the ball has been taken inside, athletes must make sure they space the floor properly to provide additional scoring opportunities

    Dribble Drive Offense Actions

    With the basics in hand, Coach Walberg then runs through a number of early offense actions in the dribble drive. He demonstrates how to attack defenses based on how they defend off-ball players. The idea is to teach players to read defenses and attack them where they are weakest. You will see how an easy basket is created when a post defender steps up to help on a drive. The driving player can lob to the post defender’s man giving him an easy layup or, at the very least, a trip to the free throw line.

    Dribble Drive Offense Daily Drills

    To perfect the dribble drive offense, Coach Walberg offers a number of daily drills. To improve conversion of more quick buckets inside, you will see a drill that requires post players to make three layups in quick succession. The idea is to make them more comfortable making these shots so they will make them in game situations.

    There is also a 5-man drill that Walberg shares. This drill mimics an action that is often utilized in the dribble drive offense. Coach Walberg finishes up with the “Drop Layups” drill and a few other shooting drills. Drop Layups helps players focus on all the little things that are important in the dribble drive – passing, timing, attacking the correct spots on the floor, and relocating. At the end of the video, you will see the Olympic Shooting, 5-Spots, and Star drills. Each is a great shooting drill that can be used at the beginning of a practice.

    Coach Walberg shares with you why the dribble drive offense has been so successful in this 71-minute video. This is a fantastic resource to use as you implement your own dribble drive system. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.

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