(Rental)-Offensive Success vs a Switching Man to Man Defense

  • (Rental)-Offensive Success vs a Switching Man to Man Defense
  • Offensive Success vs a Switching Man to Man Defense by Craig Doty Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Craig Doty: Offensive Success vs a Switching Man-to-Man Defense

    Teams playing against an unfamiliar defense often run into trouble. For coaches who go up against a switching man-to-man, this change-up can cause some serious headaches. Craig Doty, head coach at 2018 NAIA Division I national champion Graceland University (IA), shows you how you can gain an advantage against this type of switching man-to-man defense.

    Doty, the 2018 NAIA Division National Coach of the Year, also won two NJCAA Division III championships and was a two-time National Junior College Coach of the Year. In this video, he shares with you a number of useful plays that work not only against switching man-to-man defenses, but also straight up man and zone defenses. He explains each play giving you the exact spacing and timing needed. Coach Doty also explains how to take advantage of certain mismatches as they occur and also how to use analytics to improve in practices and games.

    Regular Man-to-Man vs. Switching Man-to-Man

    To take advantage of man defenses that switch, Coach Doty first demonstrates a variety of plays against a straight man-to-man. Then, he shows you the same plays against a switching man-to-man. From a Horns set, “Pro 1” begins with a pass into the post and a dive to the basket by the point guard. Instead of an open jumper or a feed into the post against straight man, the switching man defense generates a seal by the post for a high-low duck-in pass.

    “Pro 3” is another play run from the Horns set used to set up a help-side down screen on an entry to the elbow. Against a switching man defense, the high-low entry to the screening post player result’s in an interior mismatch that leads to easy baskets.

    Utilizing Early Offense

    Switching man-to-man defenses can cause problems in transition. Coach Doty uses post and wing interchanges and dribble handoffs to create mismatches and exploit the switches. “Harvard” and “Cross” are actions by wings that can lead to easy baskets.

    Sets vs. 2-3 Zone

    Switch principles can still apply in a 2-3 zone. You will see how down screens and flare screens are used to create open 3-point shots. “Bulldog” leads to open opportunities to the get the ball inside to a post player. “Flood” is another play designed to take advantage of the zone defense.

    Using Analytics

    Coach Doty takes some time to cover how his team uses analytics. The numbers can often tell you who should be on the floor and who should not. You can also use them to explain to players why they are successful or unsuccessful.

    All the plays and actions shown in Coach Doty’s video are used to create opportunities for offenses to attack defenses that switch. What he reveals is a must for anyone looking to expand their playbook and handle uncommon defenses.

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