(Rental)-Offensive Sets For The 4--out 1--in Motion Offense

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    • You can take advantage of quick passes or cuts
    • Give your perimeter players more scoring opportunities
    • You can defeat zone and man-to-man defenses with success

    Keep things simple and let your players use Dave LeitaoÕs 4-Out-1 In Offense. Leitao's offense works well for smaller teams who want to attack the basket with positioning, movement, quick passes and cuts.

    As an assistant head coach at Connecticut, Jim Calhoun, Leitao helped lead the Huskies towards the 1999 national championship. He built this offense on a pass-and-cut foundation. This offense uses basket cuts, pick-and-rolls, loops and fades. They are executed according to the ball movement and how the opponent defends.

    There are three ways to attack the defense with the dribble. Loop, crack back, and fade. All of these options help build a foundation for ball movement and player movement.

    Your players will be able to turn mismatches into opportunities, with the ultimate goal being able to get more than one defender to protect the ball. Leitao also shows how to play a 2-man game, and posts up opportunities to allow your team to pass the ball to their best scorers.

    This simple but effective offense can win against both man-to-man and zone defense. This eliminates the need for players to think and allows them to respond to defense.

    72 minutes. 2010.

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