(Rental)-Offensive Relocation - 'middle To Explore, Baseline To Score!'

  • (Rental)-Offensive Relocation - 'middle To Explore, Baseline To Score!'
  • Offensive Relocation - 'middle To Explore, Baseline To Score!' by Barry Hinson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Today's man-to-man defense systems can anticipate and eliminate many offensive options thanks to preparation and scouting. If your offense fails, Coach Hinson can help you rebuild and keep your effectiveness. Relocation is about getting the ball in. Hinson uses terms like the box and line of deployment to coach the post. The elbow drifts to the elbow after a baseline drive. Elbow penetration is the opposite movement. Hinson divides up the floor into four quadrants, and assigns each player a role within each quadrant. Players are also given rules to follow when they penetrate. This clinic presentation shows the entire offense using five players. This offense provides the post with two options and a 45-degree angle option when the ball enters the posts. This allows the whole team to stay on the same page with regards to offense at all times. This offense has flexibility. It can be run in a 4-out or 1-in alignment, as well as 3 out, 2 out, and for all baseline plays out of bounds.

    55 minutes. 2007.

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