(Rental)-Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns & Drills

  • (Rental)-Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns & Drills
  • Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns & Drills by Brenda Frese Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: Offensive Breakdowns and Drills

    University of Maryland women’s head basketball coach Brenda Frese has taken teams to the Final Four (2014 & 2015) and even won a national championship (2006). She has done so with an up-tempo style of play that she has built through a number of position-specific drills. In this video, she shares breakdown drills designed to simulate game-like situations. Players learn to handle the ball, pass, and shoot in live situational drills.


    Frese uses position-specific breakdown drills based on the sets from her offense to develop shooters. Players participate in full team competitive shooting drills. Coach Frese shows you how to get your entire team into the drill working on shots that each player will take in game situations.

    Individual Skill Work and Offense Breakdown

    In this segment, Coach Frese uses Maryland’s primary offensive set, Thumbs, and breaks it down into shooting drills for both guards and posts. Post players work on Sikma moves on the block and scoring moves from the high post. Guards work on post feeds and actions that happen after the pass. The 4 Series helps to develop shots after using and refusing ball screens. Posts work on scoring against different looks on rolls and pops.

    Passing, Rebounding, and Defense

    Coach Frese demonstrates three drills that work on passing, rebounding, and defense. They are:

    • 5-4-3 Flawless Drill: Passing drill that focuses on advancing the ball up the floor for easy baskets in transition
    • Triangle Rebounding Drill: Teaches players how to gain position for an offensive rebound
    • Pistons Drill: Players focus and work on defensive concepts such as closeouts, denying cutters, and maintaining defensive position with ball movement

    Press Break 1-on-1 & 1-on-2

    Refine your press offense and sharpen up your team’s passing skills with three breakdown drills shared by Coach Frese. She also instructs her players how and where to get open on the floor. She shows you angles and areas of the court you can and cannot attack. Players learn to get open in 1-on-1 situations and as well as how to get open in a 1-on-2 situation and handle a trap without turning the ball over.

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